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Dangers of Underground water under a House

There is evidence to suggest that underground water courses directly under a house or a barn or any area where (animals) are kept has an adverse effect on those living just above it:-

1. An independent Germany study see below had shown that in a housing district, people staying in houses with underground water courses are prone to cancer. The housing district was set up in haste in the past Germany housing construction and a German Doctor discovered the high incidences of cancer in such households.

Center for Feng Shui Research

A top down view: See the Roofs of Houses?

Illustration above shows a section of a German Town. The blue line shows underground water. Buldings marked RED had at least a one or or two CANCER cases in a period of twenty years.

2. In barns with animal livestocks, animals frequently fall prey to ailments with underground water below the barn. We can thus eliminate "auto-suggestion" in cases of animals as they are not aware of such an adverse affects.

3. Food in such houses goes stale or rot much faster than food kept in ordinary houses. Maybe it is because of the metabolism/electrons or `sha' emitting from the underwater course.

4. Now we begin to understand why Feng Shui Masters recommend not to have "sewerage" pipes or other watercourses running below a house. This is one further evidence that Feng Shui is indeed true.

5. In general, the affected areas are directly above the underground water course and not the entire house. E.g. If you bed happens to be direclty above the underground water course or close to it, there is a high risk of getting cancer.



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